Friday, July 10, 2015


Few days ago,my mum,my sister and I went to IKEA and I picked up a few really cute things that I decided to show you today!Soo,lets start!

The first thing that I really needed is a nice table mirror.I have a huge vanity mirror,but that one is too big and far for doing my makeup up close,plus,that one I can't take with me if I'm doing my makeup in another room.The thing that I like about it is that it has two sides.One side is REALLY up close(I don't look good that close up!!),which I use when putting on mascara,and the other side is just a normal mirror:)

The next thing that I got is pretty simple..a water bottle.I mean,you can put anything you want in it,but I use it for water.I need this in summer time because it's way too hot here and I am always thirsty,so I carry it everywhere.It's just a really nice water bottle that isn't expensive and it doesn't spill in your purse(!!).
I am warning you now I am soo late with this one!I feel like the whole world has these little white pots from IKEA that they hold their makeup brushes in,so of course I had to get one myself!I don't have a ton of makeup brushes yet,but I think this little holder is so adorable so I did get just one!:)

You can use them for whatever you want.For flowers,for pencils,for nail polish,or makeup brushes like me!

And lastly,I had to get some candles.I adore IKEA candles!I have always struggled with making my room smell nice with a candle because my room is pretty big and all of the candles that I got weren't strong enough.But these ones really do make my room smell amazing!I never liked spending a ton of money on candles,for example yankee candles are really expensive here(we don't have bath and body works where I live),but these ones are not pricey and just perfect for me!

The red one is strawberry which smells soo good!I burned it already a little bit and my room smells yummy!And the other one is a nice flowery fresh scent,perfect for summer!

So that's all for my MINI IKEA haul,I hope you enjoyed this!What is your favourite candle?Leave me a comment;)

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