Monday, July 13, 2015


Today I have a review for you on essence matt effect long lasting lipglosses aka liquid lipsticks.I found out about these a long time ago,decided to buy one to try it out and instantly fell in love.Essence has recently released some new colors,so I picked up another one and now I'm doing a review.So let's start!

Essence XXXL longlasting lipglosses with matt effect come in this nice,simple packaging.On the back it says: longlasting,silky lipcream for a soft matt finish.I am not a huge lover of lipglosses,which is good because these are not lip glosses at all.

These are basically liquid lipsticks with a soft,creamy,velvety finish.When I think of matt lipsticks,a lot of them are very drying and get stuck in those lines on your lips and don't feel comfortable.These ones are not like that at all.

My favorite thing about them is their amazing formula that you get for a really low price.There are a lot of  brands such as Bourjois that make matt,liquid lipsticks just as nice but for a lot more money.Similar to these are also NYX butter glosses.

These lipsticks do last quite a long time,not all day but just enough for me:)

As I said before,I picked out two shades:

This is the one that I first bought,that is why the name is gone so I had to write it myself,haha.(I know my writing isn't the nicest).So this is in the shade 06 SOFT NUDE.I love using this for more natural looks or the ones when I have a crazy eye makeup so I need a natural lip.
The color is very nice nude pink,kind of like that Kylie Jenner lip:)

The next one is a little bit more fun,which is why I picked it up now that it's summer!
  This one is in the color 15 CORAL MOUSSE and it's a really pretty pinky coral.I love this one so much and it's such a fun way to brighten up your look for the summer.

Both of these colors are really pretty and I would definitely recommend trying them out,you won't regret it.

Here is side by side swatch,so you can see the colors compared.

I hope you really liked this post.I've been working all day on my blog and a lot of new and fun posts that you will hopefully like.Maybe you noticed that I have changed it up a bit and I've been trying to upload every day and I really like my blog now!Don't forget to let me know what do you think of these if you try them out and if you have any recommendations on what I should try next!


  1. I'll have to see if I can find these!


  2. I've been looking for a liquid lipstick and these look lovely but I'm not sure if we can get this brand in the UK? :( x

    Georgina | Rent or Chanel?

    1. I am not sure either,but I think you can.Just google it,maybe you can order online aswell:))