Monday, March 30, 2015

MAYBELLINE color drama intense velvet lip pencil review+swatches

Hello everyone!
Few months ago,I was just looking trough drugstore and came across maybelline color drama collection.I was really interested in their lip pencils so I decided to try them out!

They are called MAYBELLINE intense velvet lip pencils and they come in few different shades.I picked up 2 shades just to try out.They are really creamy and don't feel like pencils,more like lipsticks.The packaging is pretty simple,but you will need big sharpener to sharpen them.They don't have any glitter in them,they are very soft and smooth and not matte.

The first color that I picked up is: 630NUDE  PERFECTION
It is this really nice soft nude color with a bit of orange undertone rather than pink.It looks so nice on and fits perfectly if you are going for a really pretty simple bronzy look,or if you are going with crazy eye makeup.



The next color I have is: 420 IN WITH CORAL
It is this beautiful neon pink coral color.On the picture below it doesn't show how crazy and neon it is.This is going to look soo pretty with a tan.It is so perfect for summer!It is great for pop of color if you are going for a natural makeup.


And that is it,I hope you found this helpful and fun.If you have any questions,feel free to ask them below,you can do it anonymously if you want to.I would love to answer them!Let me know if you liked this and if you want more of swatches and reviews:)


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Welcome to beautybyfiora:)

Welcome to my blog.My name is Fiora and I am 15 years old.I created this blog beacuse I love makeup,fashion,skincare,food,room decor,diy's etc.I will be posting about those things a lot and I hope you will enjoy it.Please leave comments because I would love to talk.See you soon:)