Saturday, May 2, 2015


Sorry I haven't posted in a while,I have been really busy with school and traveling.But now,I'm here and that's all that matters.Recently,I bought a new lipstick so I decided to try it and write a post about it.So,lets get started.

I heard a lot about MAC lipsticks,which are really popular in the beauty community,especially this one in the color ANGEL.

I never liked light pink lipsticks.They never looked good on me,probably because of my (slightly darker) skin tone.In the package it looks like one of those darker nude pinks.On my hand it also looks like that.But when I came home and tried it out on my lips,I didn't like it at all.It was so many shades lighter than my natural lips,and it was something I was never used to wearing.I always had huge fear of those 'concealer like' lipsticks that were so light that it looks like you're wearing concealer on your lips.

I was really sad that I didn't like it because they're sooo expensive!And I really liked the color of it,it just didn't look good on me.Then,as time went by,I was trying out different looks with it,using lip liner and started liking it more and more.When I wear it,I always get compliments and people asking me what am I wearing.It is something completely different for me,but I do like it.
My favourite thing about this lipstick,is how creamy and longlasting it is.It really lasts so long and is so moisturizing.That makes me fully understand why the price is so high.

And that's it!Have you ever tried the MAC ANGEL lipstick?If you did,do you like it?Please leave your comments below,I will reply to them all:)



  1. Hi Fiora, that lipstick looks really pretty on you! I've nominated you for the creative bloggers award, so I hope you haven't done it already and want to do it.

    Here is the link, tell me when you've posted your one because I'd love to check it out


  2. it looks nice on you, i really need to get myself some of their lipsticks!

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway